Points of Interest

Tomahawk Lighthouse:

The Tomahawk Lighthouse is Morson’s oldest landmark. Built in 1900, the lighthouse helped safely steer watercraft that carried passengers and goods from Kenora to Rainy River ports. It was operated by lighthouse keepers until its automation in 1946. In 1963, it was sold to the Pentney family who lovingly restored this important landmark. It was moved to its present location at Pentney’s at the end of Lighthouse Road and has been converted to a museum with artifacts pertaining to early lake travel. For more information or an appointment to view this historical building, please contact the Pentney family at 807 488-5719.

Ancient old Indian rock paintings

Ancient pictographs and petroglyphs that have survived for over 500 years still grace the steep rock faces of a number of islands in Lake of the Woods. The drawings were made of berry juice, spruce gum, fish oils or tallow and certain minerals and depicted spirits, animals and less identifiable shapes. These mysterious remnants that still mystify scientists bear evidence of a long aboriginal presence in the area. An overhanging cliff on Painted Rock Island is one of many sites of the rock paintings that are known to exist on Lake of the Woods. They can be viewed from a boat in the channel between Painted Rock Island and Splitrock Island.

Native Pow Wows

In August, Big Grassy and Big Island First Nations hold Pow Wows, and everyone is invited! The Pow Wows are events that you just can’t miss. For non-natives, it is a chance to experience a new culture. For Native Americans, it is a chance to reaffirm connections to community, family and spirituality. The Pow Wow experience is exhilarating. Each element, from the spectacular entrance led by veterans in full regalia to the heartbeat of the drums, is imbued with meaning. A master of ceremonies leads the event, setting the tone and explaining what is happening as the Pow Wow develops.

Big Grassy holds their Pow Wow the first weekend in August for three days.

Big Island holds their Pow Wow the third weekend in August.